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Who we are

We are a fast developing company streamlined with unique teams who hold proven records of expertise in decision making, incomparable mind-set, organizational skills, prompt and adequate responses and effective time management. Our crew is individually trained to be flexible in tackling up to minute details with patience, priority to tune in accordance to the ideas and best interest of clients. Best results, Creative thrust, smooth functioning and readiness to meet deadlines at all cost without compromising on quality, Immediate and adequate response, best cost effective results are our watchword.

About CubexizSoft Technologies

CubexizSoft can help you to make that first step to launch your own business store online. As experienced professional code developers with years of experience both in India and offshore, we offer you the best of web development with newest technologies like Angular JS and AI with machine learning.

“If you can dream of it, you can achieve it!”

This is what we tell our clients. If you have a dream of building an online market place or an e-commerce store to sell your products, then we are the best ux (User Interface) designing team in India, who can make your dream come true. We have an experienced web designing team in our IT firm CubexizSoft located in the heart of Kottayam, Kerala India. We have worked with corporate sector as well as the 2 emerging startup acceleration scenario in India. CubexizSoft take immense pleasure to work side by side with the new generation entrepreneurs in Kerala. We have conducted numerous workshops to engage and enlighten the young and aspiring entrepreneurs about the wider opportunity that lay ahead of us in the online scenario, waiting for us to tap into.

Our core competencies include but not limited to:

  • Web App development
  • Web Design & website development
  • Digital marketing
  • Automation ERP software with management tools for hospital, school, real estate
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Wikipedia management
  • Hosting and security management for websites
  • E-commerce portals with tremendous functions
  • Payment portals for various utilities
  • Movie PR promotions
  • Android & iOS app development

We do end-to-end website maintenance for dynamic and ever-changing online e-commerce web stores. We work very closely with our clients on a day to day basis for accommodating their finer requirement in content and design, as the need be.

Our Commitment

Even though, at the cost of cliché-ing we do solemnly vouch that our service is the best when it comes to timeliness, design excellence, robustness and we can guarantee every project would be successfully finished in a time bound fashion.

We update the websites regularly and monitor very closely the backup and security aspects to avoid any down time of the same.

We have excellent track record in getting the right content across the website to the readers as we know that the content is the king and with the best keywords and SEO practices, we can make any website rank higher in the search engine result page (SERP).

With our digital marketing efforts, we can guarantee the online reputation of your company will be intact and your brand equity only soars higher up.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an integrated IT solutions provider, deliver seamless service, and increase customer value through focus and results. To be the first choice to optimize and achieve operational excellence through IT-based services. Be a process-driven, professionally managed and highly profitable organization. Be a process-driven, professionally managed and highly profitable organization by adding value to our customers, stakeholders and employees.

We believe in the simple, not in the complex. We also give important innovations right away. We believe that we have to say no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on those few who are really important and meaningful to us.

Our Mission

To provide attractive IT services for business purposes through a competent and motivated team of employees using the state of the art technology to maintain stability and growth of the organization. We always try to improve the quality of our products by exploring innovative ideas and new techniques. Our mission is to deliver products with top quality and best services at affordable prices.

Customer satisfaction comes first in our business policy. Our team is very friendly to our customers and helps us maintain lifelong relationships with our existing customers and expand our customer base worldwide.